Thursday, July 29, 2010

great day to be normal

Crazy day at work; starting one task, a list to do after, boss shouting new instructions for even more, machines misbehaving, raining outside, tired from the night before, walked upstairs, sat on the crapper, stared at the dirty wall and thought - "This, is incredible! My universe, magical - I was almost convinced for a moment there that it was real." Stared at the spiders web above as I dropped yesterdays food below, and was blown away by the magic.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, the best day of the week

Monday is the best day of the week as it is as far from next Monday as can be.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Negative laziness

Detrimental laziness of the spiritual nature: I used to practice, to meditate and to constantly look from the undivided self into the world of thoughts. I was very happy this way but I slipped. I became lazy and I moved to being a person in the world, a world of others and this and that. In this world I became unhappy. In laziness I made a fall. So then I took back to the Tao path and got back in line with the way and life is again wonder and delight.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


All the fuss it takes to feed a human is quite laughable to the seasquirt. I read about the seasquirt in a book some time ago so can not remember the name to reference it properly.

The basic life of the seasquirt is to be born and then find a place to take root. This is the hardest job it does in its life, find a place to hang. Once the seasquirt has found a place then it takes a hold of the rock and sets about reducing its brain size. It really does this, it has done the hardest thing it will ever need to do so it casts off this unwelcome baggage of excess brain that after all will just consume power for nothing.

On reducing brain size the seaquirt takes to squirting. It is basically a tube shaped muscle that sucks in sea water and squirts it out again. In squirting, all of the nutrients it will ever need are pulled into its body and all of the unwanted waste is expelled. Its whole body is mouth, gut and, well, the mouth is also the anus.